The department "Multimedia Information Technologies and Systems" is a part of the faculty "Computer information technologies" and it has been a leader in the training of highly qualified specialists for more than 10 years:

of the first level of education (bachelor's) on specialization "Multimedia Information Technologies and Systems";

of the second level of education (master) on specialization "Multimedia Information Technologies and Systems" .

Information technologies actively penetrate into all areas of applied and professional activity of the person becoming an inherent part of the professional competence in a modern society. One of the most rapidly developing areas of information technologies, are being used actively in the conditions of formation of information society – are multimedia technologies.

Today, multimedia technologies are practically being introduced in all spheres of the society – the creation of products for the systems of media and communications; visualization of the objects of a global information space;  the development of e-democracy, e-services information markets; the increasing of information exchange by means of electronic social networks.

This mainly explains the demand of the professionals, who possess technologies and multimedia systems in the area:

of the  computer processing, analyzing and reproduction of digital images;

of the creation of high-quality two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects of the computer animation and cartoon films;

of  the  game development and post-production;

of  the  development of technologies for digital media systems, the creation of interactive multimedia environments, the storage and transmission of the multimedia content;

of  the  integration of multimedia technologies in such spheres of life as health, "smart spaces", "smart cities";

3D space simulation to study the acoustic properties, the acoustic expertise of theaters, concert halls, cinemas, clubs and studio complexes, synthesizing and processing the audio content of any complexity.

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