Nowadays, Multimedia technologies have become indispensable author's tools of promoting in a hypermedia of video, music, graphics, cartoon animation.

You need three components of education to generate a high level of the professional competence of taking possessions of Multimedia technologies, by which we mean the optimum elaboration of the multimedia project, taking into account the specifics of the professional field:

fundamental, based on the best traditions of university education;

professional training in a specialty, forming useful technical and technological knowledge and skills (computer graphics, computer science, programming, etc.);

professional training in a specialization, providing methods and means for implementing multimedia technologies in the professional fields of television, film, advertising, internet, mass art, art, Net-art, the creation of computer games, multimedia applications, audio and video clips (the basics of computer animation, the basics of acoustics , electro, technology, video, audio and film production, digital processing technology, the basics of television, video and foundations, etc.).

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