The complex integrated approach to all levels of training of our graduates makes it possible for masters of Multimedia Information Technologies and Systems to select a  future technics path of the development in the most rapidly developing fields of applications of the competencies:

in science - the creation of virtual simulations of the objects, the formation of a knowledge base (multimedia libraries and directories, databases and knowledge, information retrieval systems); reporting system (presentations, etc.);

in education - the elaboration of the training programs (including intellectual and business games, programs that simulate specific conditions of activity in virtual mode); information display systems in the educational process; Knowledge control systems; electronic textbooks;

in the visual arts and culture (aesthetic perception) - graphics, design, theater plays, interactive museums;

вn the entertainment industry - interactive television, computer games;

in mass-media - internet technologies, advertising, soundtracks, trailers;

in the economy - the design and presentation of the ideas, research and projects.

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